About Us

MacroLux Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in hub of innovation of China -Shenzhen. The founding team comes from leading medical device companies, with rich experience in endoscope products research and development,sales and marketing, and manufacturing.

We are extremely confident about our innovation ability,as our R&D department ,which is consist of 40% rich expericenced experts in endoscope industry ,and further more ,our talents in optical , image optimization analysis,mechanical engineering,are with over 15 years industry experience.

Regarding supplier quality assurance, we ensure high-quality supplies by strict supplier evaluation and collaborative quality control. Our factory size is around 2000 m²,including 100,000 Class Clean Area,Microbiology Laboratory,General Production Workshop,with full set of test reports. In precise manufacturing, we have established a smart and precise manufacturing process with intelligent tooling and monitoring system.